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You Should Easily Be Able To Tell Who These Anime Characters Are!

March 13, 2015 Nafuyaka 0 Comments

What does it mean to be an “anime fan”? Do you watch Toonami on your free time? You reblog those funny anime pictures on Tumblr and think you know anime? You think watching anime puts you on the VIP list at the cool kids’ club? If so please stop reading this and go away.

All too often people come to me with claims that they “watch anime” and are an “anime fan”. And yet, when I give them this anime litmus test, surprise surprise! They all failed. Completely! Not even ONE right!

True anime fans have a latent memory that can be sparked through specific visual cues embedded within these image strips cut from the vital parts of several major anime series. What this means is that you should be able to correctly figure out exactly who ALL these characters are. Think of it as an anime CAPTCHA.


You should be able to tell the exact episode this was in too!


This one is almost TOO easy. Don’t feel proud if you knew it instantly.


Consider this one theĀ Free Space on the bingo sheet.


This one counts only if you remember his full name, first and last.


How could anyone NOT get this one?

If you made it this far, I already know what you want to say. Yeah, yeah, I know it was too easy. But it’s supposed to be, right? Just think, there’s actually people who didn’t know all of these off the top of their head! Better yet, there are people who know LESS THAN HALF of the characters listed. Yep, my faith in humanity is growing smaller by the day.

is an anime addict bordering on insanity. Out of all the shows currently airing this season, Nafukaya is watching every show but the mecha ones, quoting, "Mecha is easily the worst genre of anime in existence." And if you give it a little thought, it's kind of true.


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