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Pitch Shifted Anime Openings On YouTube Are A Work Of Art

February 20, 2015 Nafuyaka 0 Comments

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Face it, we’ve all been there. If you’ve watched enough anime, chances are you’ll eventually find that special show with that one REALLY catchy anime opening song which sounds insanely good. And so the logical next step after listening to that would then be to go on YouTube and look up the song.

But wait! You did exactly that and when you click ‘Play’…the song sounds completely different from the actual show! Yep. That’s right, you have just stumbled upon what is referred to as a musical masterpiece.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, give this video a listen to and you’ll understand (and if you do, play it anyway!):

Database, database, just living in the database, wow wow

These pitch shifted OPs might sound strange at first, you might even think it sounds like total garbage, but I assure you that is not the case. No one would intentionally make music sound bad. In fact it’s actually a little sound modification YouTubers make to IMPROVE the sound quality!

That’s right, the people in charge of uploading these videos to YouTube are actually well-trained audio engineers and they know exactly what values to tweak and spice up to get the perfect audio pitch.

Here’s another opening you can listen to if you can’t hear the difference in sound quality yet:

My ears are personally giving me a thumbs-up right now.

I’ll admit when I first heard these anime openings on YouTube, I wasn’t a fan. But that’s because I didn’t appreciate the hard work that goes behind the scenes. These dedicated YouTubers work hard to bring us these specially crafted versions of these great songs, and giving them a listen is the least we can do to show our respect.

Let’s finish it off with a small collection of my personal favorites:

I have no idea how these guys are working these miracles. To me it all looks and sounds like a bunch of voodoo magic. But the results no doubt speak for themselves. You can literally hear how much better it is compared to the original versions. Keep up the good work guys!

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