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People Confused By Yuri Kuma Arashi’s Plot Might Be Mentally Impaired!

March 3, 2015 Lang Yusheng-long 0 Comments

TRENTON, NJ — The crew here at Top Anime has been enjoying the deep and complex plot of Yuri Kuma Arashi, an anime that airs weekly about the struggle between bears and humans and the human to animal personality gap that is a main focus within the show’s numerous intellectual themes. However we have noticed that many others concurrently watching the show have found themselves confused and unable to process the show to it’s full extent. I am sorry but you guys probably have some sort of intellectual disability. Probably.


Last week’s episode makes a great analogy towards the dehumanization of boxes and makes a light jab on the psychological insanity of item hoarders.

We have gotten in touch with other fans who have been unable to keep up with the highly sophisticated plot of the show.

To protect the privacy of those interviewed, their names are not shown.

“For the past 8 episodes, I have been faithfully keeping up with the weekly episodes of Yuri Kuma Arashi. But I didn’t understand any second of it”, says XXX XXX, who was observed as having some symptoms close to many intellectual disabilities.

“It’s trying to be pseudo-deep to cover up the plot being paper thin, but it’s not working”, says XXX XXX who clearly has some form of autism judging from his comment.

“I’m only in it for the lesbian bears”, says XXX XXX, some random person who just doesn’t get it.


If you didn’t get this scene’s clear homage to Guillaume Apollinaire and the underlying themes of surrealism, you might want to get yourself diagnosed.

Yuri Kuma Arashi is a show that clearly caters to those superior anime fans with the highest intellect. I truly enjoy the mature themes that people with underdeveloped brains just will never understand. It makes me feel extremely superior whenever I watch each episode. Remember everyone, next time you watch an anime that doesn’t make sense, it might actually be YOU that doesn’t make any sense. Just some food for thought.

Lang Yusheng-Long

aka Imp3rialGK is a college student currently residing in the United States under an student visa. He is an avid fan of anime and has above-average taste in shows when compared to the lowly masses. He prefers anime with a high concentration of male characters as he is a straight male.

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